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Released on 26 Nov 2021       13m 3s      

KICKASS PERIL starring Arya as Blaze!  Creepy arch villain Mr X has lured Blaze to his hideout and makes sure she is distracted, run down and isolated before he reveals himself to her.... from then on she is at his absolute mercy and suffers an incredible amount of pain as she is broken down and humiliated. Blaze finds herself in complete Peril and finds that there's no better motivation than revenge. Mr X is a brutal and sadistic killing machine and delivers endless blows, strikes, kicks, lifts, crushes, backbreakers and much more as he knocks her down time and time again.  Blaze is valiant in her attempts to strike back, she is resourceful and relentless and doesn't know the meaning of giving up but the longer the encounter the more and more helpless she becomes.