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Released on 17 Feb 2023       10m 39s       743mb

JINX and LARA go to WAR! When Aurora, a new girl in town, challenges the City's greatest heroine to a showdown she's ignored but after a spate of violent vigilante style attacks the landscape quickly changes. Bastat (Lara) takes notice and agrees to a face-off with Aurora (Jinx) but was this a big mistake?  Bastat soon realises this was a trap as the newcomer is no stranger, this is a mission of revenge and immediately these girls are locked in fierce battle. Bastat dispenses with her superheroine powers to take Aurora on mortal to mortal and the kicks and fists are flying!  Bastat, in catsuit and boots, is elegance, grace, beauty and killer high kicks but Aurora on the other hand is an expert martial artist with power and brute force behind her spin kicks and knockout fists. This is an end to end battle of 2 incredible female warriors but the tempo quickly rises as one them summons the superpowers and takes the fight to a whole new level.