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Released on 13 May 2022       14m 19s       600mb

LARA and LUNA go head to head in FIERCE, BRUTAL BATTLE!  When the City's go-to Superheroine collects an award from a Millionaire Socialite little did she know it was a trap and she was about to drugged and beaten in a dark battle of revenge!  Dressed in leather catsuit and thigh high boots, Lara's super powers are stolen and this previously impregnable Heroine get's a brutal beatdown from the beautiful but deadly Socialite Luna. This is the ultimate battle of good v evil and of power vs character as both girls, skilled and deadly in unarmed combat, high kick, karate chop, kick box, punch and throw each other around the arena. It's a fight that goes back and forth with twists and turns and surprises in an end to end battle for supremacy. 2 stunningly beautiful women but only one winner.... who will it be?