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Released on 01 Mar 2024       12m 15s       756MB

MILLY and DANE go head to head in an EPIC BATTLE!!  When Dane (the dark twin of Dana) finally tracks down her arch nemesis' secret hideout the rivals go head to head in high octane, fearsome fight action.  These two female secret agents are the top spies in their rival organisations, each deadly in martial arts, unarmed combat and smart arse confidence and this rivalry has just gone up to a new level.   Dane has been trying to catch Milly unawares for years and with one sucker punch, with the aid of a crowbar, she has Milly exactly where she wants her. Of course a brutal fight breaks out, each launching their deadly fists, high kicks and black belt gymnastic agility to devastate the other. The battle rages on but when Milly wakes up in a completely different outfit chained to a chair things take an even darker turn but it's not long before she's muscled her way out to deliver a much needed beatdown to Dane. The plot takes an even more suprising turn from there as Dane reveals a serum which will turn the tides again but in this end to end fierce clash there can only be one winner but will this spell the end for one of them?