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Released on 25 Nov 2022       12m 16s       814mb

WW, CATGIRL AND KARLY CROFT assemble in one almighty action epic!!  When a mysterious benefactor brings two old adversaries, WW and Catgirl, together they immediately go to war, furiously beating the hell out of each other with lethal kicks, deadly fists and a sprinkling of superstrength but not until they are both badly battered do they realise this was a trap. Enter Karly Croft and the heat is about to turn up to inferno levels!  Karly was counting on WW and Catgirl being in no fit state to fight when she outlines her plans to destroy them but can Catgirl and WW overcome their feud to take her on together?  Even still, will it be enough as the muscular amazonian black belt Croft has power, agility and brute force on her side!  This is one epic back and forth battle, the sides are chosen and the fighting is fierce and brutal.... muscular punches, lethal high kicks, brutal boxing as these hardbodied beauties engage in fearsome martial arts warfare.