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Released on 20 Jan 2023       14m 15s       889mb

DAKOTA and DARK KIX in INTENSE BATTLE!  Dark Kix has been running a protection racket for some time and if her 'clients' don't pay her she physically destroys them, however there's a new force in town!  Dark Kix refuses to believe that her superstrength and dominant fighting prowess could ever be challenged but there before her is a vision in blue with smart mouth, a confident smile and a body to die for  and someone is going to get hurt.  As these bullied men watch, Dakota takes everything Dark Kix throws at her and then hits back with a vengeance. This is a true battle of the goddesses where superstrength blends in with fierce kickboxing, karate, gymanstics, high kicks, powerful fists and end to end intense fight action. Someone has to win and someone has to lose.... but who?