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Released on 05 Jun 2021       12m 17s      

KARLY goes dark and ferociously battles MONTANA and ERICA for SUPREMACY. Karly used to be the City's go-to Superheroine but then along came the Kandygirls to spoil it. Now Karly wants her crown back and as such has to take out those do good, and extraordinarily hot, kickass crime fighting Agents once and for all so she lays a trap and waits. This is a battle of epic proportions, 2 high kicking, fast punching, gymnastic, blackbelt martial artist Kandygirls V 1 mighty superheroine with super strength and powers beyond belief. However, there’s more to this battle than meets the eye with twists and then twists on the twists when the Kandygirls discover what they think to be Dark Karly’s weakness and go for the kill!