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Released on 23 Dec 2022       10m 51s       555.5mb

Yasmin sneaks into a double agent's office and is about to download all the incriminating evidence she needs... except, it's a trap and she's in real trouble! After a vicious pistol whip to the head Yasmin is given the kind of heavy handed, one sided, brutal beatdown every rogue arms dealer dreams of giving a Kandygirl ut he can't kill her as she set a little trap of her own!  As the plot unfolds we find out just how much of a kicking this beauitful catsuited adn booted Kandygirl can take, as this muscular menace rains blows, kicks and pain down on her but, as with all highly trained Kandygirls, it's not over until it's over and she launches a fight back... but can she possibly overcome the odds? One thing is for sure, she take one hell of a punishment.