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Released on 14 Apr 2023       15m 6s       773

KIX V HARLEY - 2 RIVAL QUEENS FIGHTING FOR ONE KINGDOM.  There can be only one winner as these two peerless Warriors finally come face to face -  Queen Kix challenges Queen Harley to a one off epic battle, the winner takes both Kingdoms, the loser will be the slave.  There's a reason these 2 tough girls have never been defeated and rule their empires through fear!  Nobody can get close to them, their lethal unarmed combat is no match for any man in their realms, their fists and legs are lethal weapons and their muscular hard bodies, fearlessness and brute strength is enough to intimidate and bring all other warriors to their knees.  They fight ferociously, using their supreme martial arts skills to deliver beatdowns that would leave anyone else dead in a ditch, they take an interlude to bring out the swords and daggers and then go full felt into brutal unarmed combat. This battle is epic, these Queens are deadly but there can only be one winner!