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Released on 20 Jun 2024       13 minutes       798mb

MILLY and DANA in fierce BATTLE as Bastat and the Occultist Witch!  When Bastat is lured to the secret hideout of a stranger she quickly learns a secret she'd want to forget forever, she's not up against any mortal adversary, this time she's up against one of the most powerful Witches in history. After dispensing with the Guards, Bastat takes on the challenge to destroy the Witch before her opponent extracts the life out of her. She swiftly unleashes her powerful fists and deadly legs beating the Witch into submission but as she struts arrogantly admiring her work she learns the truth. Not only did the Witch welcome her beatdown, she enjoyed it and now she has the measure of Bastat she goes about physically destroying her, bit by bit. This Witch has incredible strength and power, not only in her hard punches, killer karate chops, muscular knees to the face and deadly kicks but she has the supernatural force to throw her around using only her mind. Bastat is in trouble, pain and peril and she's on the receiving end of the beatdown of a lifetime as she convulses after every powerful blow to her face and body. The Witch is loving every minute of her supremacy, humiliating this heroine whilst gleaning her life-force but she's in for a surprise, Bastat is no push over and in a dramatic twist the outcome is not what she's expecting. This is high octane relentless FF action between good and evil but who will be victorious?