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Released on 02 Sep 2020       16m 31s      

PERIL: KARLY has been lured into enemy territory and she is her usual fearless self, but things are about to get very dark and, little does she know, she may not walk out of there alive. The Cartel have been working on a deadly device and she is about to become patient zero.  As soon as Karly realises this she gets to work, making light work of her opponent but then the device is is powered up and its a game changer… stage one, Karly is easily overpowered, stage two, Karly is ripped apart and stage three is about to get ugly, really ugly. This is an all out attack on the Kandygirls, they’ve had it too easy for too long and Karly is about to be hit by a brutal force unlike anything she’s ever witnessed. Can she survive the onslaught? How much pain can she possibly endure? this is Total Kandygirl Peril.