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Released on 08 Apr 2021       13m 8s      

PERIL:  MONTANA and KARLY find themselves in a whole load of PERIL. Having lured and destroyed Karly several months ago The Cartel have set their eyes on Montana and after coaxing her to their base she is in deep deep trouble. The Cartel have device that will super strengthen their male operatives to be able to beat down and destroy any Kandygirl and after giving everything she’s got, Montana is on a one way path to ruin and eradication. Enter Karly, back from oblivion, and the tides are about to turn…until the device is powered up to another level and Karly is battered and ripped apart with ease. With both Kandygirls unconscious on the floor the Cartel agent is going to enjoy Phase III where he systematically destroys both girls and in a pique of uber confidence he dispenses with the device to beat them down unaided. Is this a step too far for the Cartel or has he softened these tough girls up enough to enjoy their demise and total humiliation?  PERIL.