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Released on 13 Oct 2023       15m 16s       870mb

DARK KARLY has robbed the City Bank for the 3rd time in a week so they've called in the big guns... DANA and HARLEY.  This devilish superheroine bad girl has the city under her tyrannical grip and she's now just trolling the Kandygirls -  but they've got a couple of tricks up their sleeves, or rather nestling in the top of their boots.  When Dark Karly is located it's time for the Kandygirls to go to work, Harley goes for the big attack but is quickly swatted away by this impregnable superpowered bad girl so it's time for Dana to step in and the table is about to turn - she has the superstrength serum!  Dana gives Dark Karly a massive beatdown, this kickboxing super agent launches a ferocious attack but the serum won't last long, she needs Harley because the big fight is about to begin.  This is an FF fighting epic, with high octane brutal fighting  and wil battles of good and evil, superstrength v mortals, superpowers v superpowers this film has everything but does the combined might of new Kandygirl Dana and the muscular blackbelt Harley stand a chance against hardbodied superstrength Dark Karly?  The City is counting on them!