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Released on 27 Nov 2019       12m 9s      

KIX, SIENNA AND KARLY in EPIC FvF BATTLES! Beautiful Queen Kix is the all powerful ruler of the 7 Kingdoms and she is bored so she summons the Viking Queen Magda, imprisoned from her last battle, and offers her freedom if she can defeat her champion Gladiatrix … and this is where it starts to go wrong for Queen Kix. Magda, in a fierce all femme v femme battle, wins and taunts Kix to come and face her herself. This is going to be one epic battle, the winner gets it all and the loser… dies?  This action epic has it all, the toughest female gladiators on the planet fight with some weapons and then get brutal with incredible hand to hand and kick to kick fight action inflicting merciless pain and humiliation.