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Released on 17 Mar 2023       13m 24s       476mb

SUPERDANICA DEBUT!  When this beautiful supermodel / superheroine is lured into a trap SuperDanica finds herself at the mercy of the immensely powerful 'businessman' Max Lord.  It all started out so well for SuperDanica, she beats up some street low life street muggers, saves a couple of lives and even has time for a bit of shopping... that's until Max Lord and his beefcake sidekick, Zero,  offer her a deal she can't refuse.  SuperDanica agrees to fight Zero for a million dollar charity donation, she even agrees to take a power sapping serum to level the fight out but naturally it's still too easy for her as she batters this roid rager with her brutal martial arts. This is when it gets darker, she gets drugged beyond what even an immortal being can take and is so weak she finds herself in total peril. Zero proceeds to batter SuperDanica to a pulp... she screams for mercy as he lands blow after blow but will he listen?  there's a sinister plot afoot and this involves reducing this superheroine to nothing.  Will this total physical annihilation of SuperDanica ever stop?.... all will be revealed.