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Released on 27 Feb 2015       11m 47s      

WILD GIRL FIGHT ACTION! STARRING DIVA, KIX, CAT and SKARLET! GYMNASTIC, HIGH KICKING, KNOCKOUT PUNCHING, SUPERFLEXIBLE FIGHTING FROM THE QUEENS OF FEMALE ACTION!  For 2 months Kix has been hypnotised by arch criminal Devil Diva and as such can’t hurt her but worse, with Kix under her spell, Diva has been on a one woman crime rampage.  BUT all good things must end so Kix sends her woman army of Skarlet and Cat out to kill her but Diva is not a femme to be underestimated and the final showdown between Kix and Diva is imminent…. Diva releases her from the spell and all hell breaks loose…INCREDIBLE INTENSE FIGHTING ACTION but who wins and who loses?