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Released on 27 Jul 2017       11m 15s      

KIX, DIVA and AISH! Kix and Diva have a long standing dispute that needs to be settled, the time for diplomacy is over IT’S TIME TO FIGHT and the WINNER TAKES ALL.  It’s time for an all out brutal femme v femme battle, Diva has turned up with her henchwoman Aish, she knows Kix is an ass kicking queen so takes no chances. First of all Kix and Diva square up, it’s high octane, high kicking and power punching combat, it's fierce and ferocious!! THEN COMES AISH! Then comes a succession of beautiful twists in this all action epic that will tantalise you to the very end!  Gorgeous girls and vicious violence from the greatest fighting girls on the planet.