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Released on 09 Jun 2023       12m 31s       455mb

TIFFANY IS IN PERIL!  When a crazed timetravelling mercenary is on a mission of revenge the Kandygirls better be scared!  KandyDyne Systems has generated Kandygirl clones and they are creating crimefighting havoc across universes,  so crime bosses have had enough and send their most vicious mercenary to destroy them. Armed with the Grimm Dagger, the most lethal of all weapons, this mercenary traverses time and space to beat the living hell out of these heroines and cause as much pain as possible before their impending deaths. In the first two universes he takes the Kandygirls by surprise and unleashes a torrent of abuse, torture, pain and ultimate death but by the time he reaches the third universe he's in for a surprise. The future of the Kandygirl Clones is in danger, can they possibly surive?