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Released on 05 Jan 2024       14 minutes 4 seconds       718mb

WONDERKIX is lured into a trap by the very mischeivous criminal RED SCORPION.  After being seduced by a fake journalist and a glamourous feature, Wonderkix is knocked out by a power draining gas and wakes up to find herself bound in chains and at the mercy of the red catsuited and booted arch villain Red Scorpion.  The devil in red starts delivering a heavy beatdown to WonderKix but, seeing it have no effect, consumes a power boosting pill, unchains the female heroine and delivers a real, brutal beatdown. Red Scorpion, mistress of the high kick and lethal unarmed combat beats this latex clad superheroine to a pulp, Wonderkix is in real trouble and uses her muscle in her body to launch her fight back. The power shift to Red Scorpion is too much for WonderKix, she can bow down to her captor and reveal the whearabouts of her superheroine friends or she can fight. Wonderkix never gives up and unleashes her deadly combat skills to counter this vicious attack, it's an all out battle of the fighting femmes but there can only be one winner.   Includes ALT ENDING!