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Released on 24 May 2024       16 minutes 52 seconds       1 GB

DARK KARLY IS ON THE RAMPAGE but she's about to be stopped in her tracks!  The City has been bullied by the antics of the deviant Superheroine for too long - robbery, extortion and beatdowns, you name it and she's done it. That where Harley comes in, the Karate blackbelt, world champion kickboxer, olympic gymnast and Michellin starred pastry chef is going to teach this bad bad superstrength criminal a lesson she'll never forget. At first it's business as usual, Harley tracks down Dark Karly and gets beaten up... badly. Then the twist, Harley has a magical drink, made from iron girders, that will transform this lethal Kandygirl into a superstrengthed lethal Kandygirl.  She takes Dark Karly by suprise and laughs in her face as she slowly, painfully and arrogantly exerts her superior strength, fabulous power and domination over her.  Harley then steps it up and uses all her incredible skills to give Dark Karly the beatdown of a lifetime, launching those lethal kicks, powerful fists, gymnastic agility, superstrength choke holds and throat lifts plus her stylish spin kicks, high kicks, high knees to face, karate chops, fan kicks and brutal punches to beat this superstrength bad girl into submission.