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Released on 10 Nov 2023       14.29       895mb

HOT SECRET AGENT MILLY GETS INTO TROUBLE .  Having walked the catwalks of Paris, Milly now stalks the corridors of mysterious locations as she answers the distress call of a fellow agent but doesn't realise she's falling into a nasty big trap. Waiting for her is Rogue Agent Bates who has been dreaming up his revenge for years, ever since Milly caught him selling state secrets. Bates launches an attack and Milly is equal to it but it's not long before this hulking man of rage gets the better of Milly and delivers a world of pain, torment and humilation. This confident female Agent has never known the rage of a scorned man as he pummels her with punches, kicks, holds and chokes and it's not long before the first knockout of many. Milly tries her best to get back into the fight, launching her lethal high kicks and her famous fast fists but this roid raging machine of man keeps punishing her with everything he has. Milly tries and tries again, much to Bate's amusement, but can she save herself, she's done it before but this time feels very different.  ALT ENDING.