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Released on 07 Jul 2023       13 MINUTES       462MB

CAST OF LEGENDS - KIX, HARLEY AND KARLY!  Kix has been tasked with transporting the Worlds' most valuable Ruby ever to its rightful owners when she's ambushed by two of the deadliest female supercriminals you can possibly think of, Dark Karly and  then Bad Harley.  From this point onwards Kix is involved in some of the most violent and brutal battles imaginable, first she takes on DK and these two blackbelt martial artists fight until one is knocked out. Next to enter the fray is Bad Harley and her cheeky brand of deadly unarmed combat and soon the two bad girls will have to team up to take on the mighty Kix. This is end to end brutal fighting as the girls launch those brutal fists, killer kicks and their own distinct brands of quick and deadly violence but who gets to walk away with the world famous Gem?  There's more twists and turns than an insane rollercoaster in this one as the battles rage between each and every one of these beautiful but deadly trained killers.