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Released on 08 Dec 2023       13m 47s       851mb

BLACK FINCH V CATGIRL IN BATTLE AFTER BATTLE AFTER BATTLE!  When these two heroines are brought together by the dark forces, they must battle it out for immunity - the winner gets it whilst the loser gets incarcerated. It's winner takes all and neither has any intention of losing as they launch into heavy hitting, high octane battle using every muscle, skill and cunning in their arsenal. Dressed in their respective heroine outfits, namely lots of leather and high heeled boots, they don't wait around for an invitation to beat the living hell out of each other! These extraordinary girls unleash their high kicks, black belt martial arts, gymnastic flexibility and good old fashioned bare knuckled punches to deliver the pain, they may look like angels but each has the fight inside them that could destroy the devil.  This is end to end classic FF fighting, delivering beatdowns and pain in the fiercest of battles but there can only be one winner... who will it be?