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Released on 27 Jan 2021       12m 36s      

KIX, SIENNA and KARLY star in this EPIC FF BATTLE! When Rogue Supergirl takes over the country she has 2 obstacles blocking her way to total domination – Kix and Sienna! Rogue Supergirl summons these two hot kickass heroines to her lair where she starts to brutally rip them apart, beating them up within in inch of their lives. Kix and Sienna are in real trouble, they can do nothing against the mighty fists, powerful kicks and impregnable hardbody of this female super entity and just when all hope is lost they stumble upon a game-changer…. something that can switch off Rogue Supergirl’s superpowers and render her totally mortal.  Could this swing the battle for the 2 kickasskandy agents or will Rogue Supergirl just be too much for them?