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Released on 27 Jun 2016       12 mins      

KIX and SKARLET  in END TO END FIERCE FEMME V FEMME ACTION! When the drop dead gorgeous Kix arranges to meet an arch nemesis she finds her ‘Muscle’ has come instead – a thigh high booted amazon with one hell of a mean streak. Kix, brandishing her deadly fists, legs and spinning kicks thinks she's going to make easy work of this henchwoman but she&'s very mistaken. The Muscle has the highest and deadliest kick known to womankind and a punch that can take a woman’s head clean off…. and she’s got a dark secret that’ll make her one of Kix’s deadliest ever opponents. This is FF action at it’s very best, the world’s most beautiful women, the sexiest outfits, the fiercest fight moves and the most incredible action!