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Released on 18 Feb 2022       15m       562mb

DAKOTA and MONTANA battle the might that is DARK KARLY in this femmetastic epic!  The reputation of Dark Karly is fearsome, she is after all imbued with supernatural strength, but it's the job of Kickass heroines Dakota and Montana to end her evil stranglehold over the city and destroy her once and for all. The two highly skilled Government Agents hunt down DK but are quickly on the recieving of a huge and brutal beatdown from this invincible goddess of a woman....so they it's time to unleash their secret weapon!  This epic is filled with high octane fight action, the agile, gymnastic, high kicking, kickboxing skills of the agents vs the raw power of the superheroine.  The battles are end to end, powerful and ferocious, there are twists and there are turns (and catsuits and boots of course).... but will Dakota and Montana have what it takes to bring down the sinister reign of Dark Karly?