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Released on 27 Oct 2015       13m 25s      

DIVA and JJ IN FIERCE FEMME FIGHTING ACTION! When Diva learns of bad girl JJ’s hijacking of the Kandybar she takes matters into her own hands  – nobody messes with the Kandygirls.  Dressed in her skintight battlewear and killer boots Diva takes the fight directly to naughty naughty JJ and she won’t leave until she’s satisfied. These two ferocious female warriors hold nothing back as they kick, punch and chop each other into submission. Diva unleashes her gymnastic and athletic martial arts action on her female foe and  JJ dispatches her uniquely brutal unarmed combat skills in return. La FemmeList is end to end fierce action from 2 of the toughest, most skilful, brutal yet totally gorgeous action girls on the planet.