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Released on 26 Apr 2024       17m 41s       1.1GB

KIX in PERIL! Having stalked Kix for years this vengeful fanboy finally reveals himself and Kix unleashes her deadly force on him, the only problem is that he's injected himself with a superstrength serum and she's in for a painful surprise.  Kix has cleaned up the City but she's made some powerful enemies along the way and one such nasty foe has been training for years to take her down and for once her trademark spin kicks and blackbelt kickboxing prowess has no effect  - she's about to get the kicking of a lifetime. No matter what she launches at him, it has no effect and her super powerful assailant rips her apart, limb by limb, minute after minute, pain after humiliation. However Kix never gives in and keeps launching at him, attack after attack, but he picks her off at will and enjoys taking down the woman who thwarted his life of luxury.  ALMOST 18 MINUTES OF INCREDIBLE ACTION +  ALT ENDING