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Released on 30 Sep 2022       13m 50s       708mb

AGENT HARLEY IS IN PERIL!  Fearsome agent Harley has been sent on a mission to gather intel but the mission was corrupt, it's a trap and she's about to be brutalised in a game of cat and mouse.  No sooner has Harley gathered her fake intel than she's jumped by two hulking militants and thrown around, for what seems like an eternity, getting badly battered and beaten into a knockout... but worse is to follow. Harley is always on the backfoot taking punishment and a pummelling from these two muscular and sadistic giants and no matter how hard she fights back with her hard bodied and awesome unarmed combat skills she keeps taking these punishing beatdowns.  Can she withstand these multiple beatings or can she find it within herself to fight back and survive? With twists and turns and an ALT ENDING who knows whether Ageng Harley will survive?