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Released on 29 Mar 2024       11m 41s       816mb

DARK KIX, BAD HARLEY and KARLY star in this spectacular FF and PERIL epic!! When the naughty alter egos of Kix and Harley turn up to perform in a Martial Arts 101 training video little do they know it's a big old trap because waiting to take them down is the powerhouse that is Karly. The brutal fists, the killer kicks, the karate, the kick boxing and the deadly streetfighting warfare is all there in its glory, the muscular dominance of Karly vs the speed, agility and mischief of Dark Kix and Bad Harley.  The hardbodied Karly is in charge but she underestimates how much her two opponents will play it dirty to win and it's not long before the tables are turned. Enter the Enforcers, 2 heavily trained male specialist agents who inititally take a beating from these blackbelt criminal girls but then regain their composure to deliver what could be the biggest beatdowns of Dark Kix's and Bad Harley's lives.  This is classic FF action with a Peril finale in an all-star cast of Kickass legends.