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Released on 18 Mar 2022       11m 42s       600mb

ASTOR IN PERIL!  When the stunning Kandygirl Astor enters enemy territory it all feels a little too easy. She takes down a handful of guards but then soon realises how easily she's fallen into a trap.  Revenge is key for her Crimelord nemesis, this Kandygirl has been a thorn in his side for far too long and now it's time to put her out of action. Astor suffers, she really suffers, she's chloroformed, chained up and then brutally beaten by this muscular powerhouse, this cocky Kandygirl is given a chance to beg for her life but she refuses and the beating carries on with a vicious onslaught of punches, kicks, backbreakers and chokes.  Will the pain and humiliation be too much to bear for Astor? is there a way out for her?  This is one action packed epic and one hell of a perilous situation for this blonde beauty.