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Released on 02 Feb 2024       15m 3s       929mb

DAKOTA IN PERIL!  Underwear model by day, Secret Agent by night, Dakota was about to take down a violent crimelord when her world was shattered into a thousand pieces!   After infiltrating his base and knocking him around a bit Dakota discovers some dark forces in play, her usual rival had discovered evil and malevolent powers that rendered our kickboxing government agent helpless. This was the beginning of a chapter of the kind of pain and humiliation Dakota had never felt before as her violent enemy extracted revenge for the years of punishment he'd endured under her crimefighting rule. Dakota was weakened to the point of total vulnerability, this once tough high kicking fighter was reduced to a frail and feeble toy in this maniacs hands. Can Dakota survive this brutal onslaught? can she take this vicious beatdown? is the power, the force, the savagery of the attack  oo much for this once powerful woman to handle? This is punishment unlike anything she's ever experienced... but where will it end?